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Narcissus Redux

The drought reduced the roaring brook to a trickle, where among rocks a placid pool served as refuge and feral watering basin  Did they gaze at their images like that Greek lad who fell in love with his own face and no one else not even the fair nymph Echo? Feral beasts are more practical a watering hole is not a mirror only humans fall in love with themselves and thus prone to breed dissent and chaos. © Frederick Fullerton 2022
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Haiku #31

Signs warn and advise what to do and where to go sometimes we just ignore them. © Frederick Fullerton 2022

Muted Autumn Palette

October gifts a magic time seemingly overnight when fall foliage explodes in a flash  with a rampage of hues Some years are anticlimactic for summer’s heat and drought mutes  autumn’s bright palette too early while wind drops and sweeps leaves too soon. © Frederick Fullerton 2022

The Black Widow - A Short Story

Alice smiled patiently as the assisted living facility staff and other residents sang “Happy Birthday” to her. With the music still in her ears, Alice ate her cake and ice cream while her thoughts journeyed back to WWII and the Cold War that followed. She remembered her many missions, as well as some of the men she knew as lovers and those she killed. Sometimes they were one and the same.  Alice hardly looked like a once formidable spook, not to mention a deadly assassin. Sitting demurely and smiling in her wheelchair, you’d never guess Alice was celebrating her 100th birthday. She still spoke with a clear voice and kept a mischievous twinkle in her hazel eyes. You could easily imagine how she must have looked as a much younger woman. Her beauty and tradecraft acumen lured many men to turn and occasionally die. She was among the few people who served in three intelligence services between 1940 and 1977. During her career, she participated in countless operations worldwide and used coun

October Beckons

The sun softens the morning chill before meddling clouds cloak its warmth and a rising wind strips leaves from trees A hawk circles above seeking its prey It’s piercing cry breaks the silence rousing a blue jay’s near-metallic squawk Days shorten and grow quieter similar to those in their autumn years but fear to tread into winter Not knowing how many seasons they’ll live to see from year to year and deem falling snow as a burial. © Frederick Fullerton 2022

September Color

 Nothing like September color on a little-used country road.

News Blues

It isn’t just because the news is bad in fact, it’s horrible journalism’s 5 Ws replaced with rampant speculation it ain’t over ‘til it’s over everyone has an opinion one plus one equals three or whatever to hell with verified facts. Shameless shills turn up propaganda heat keep the rubes distracted with ignorance scare ‘em, keep ‘em pissed off anything to fan the hatred blame the other who looks and lives unlike them in their microcosmic bubble there is no room for the other it’s their way or the highway. Such distortions can lead to genocide when rumblings grow ever louder with evermore violent overtones it’s time for caution and skepsis and weigh opinions with fact checks but beware the lure of bothsidesism. © Frederick Fullerton 2022